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I purchased an airline ticket from Cheapo Air for my minor daughter attending college in Los Angeles. The original flight was booked on Oct. 6, 2014 to San Juan Puerto Rico for $993.83. When plans changed, I called Cheapo Air and made an itinerary change to travel to Honolulu, Hawaii and agreed to pay a change fee of $425.00 to depart Los Angeles on Saturday Nov. 22. 2014. When my daughter arrived at the airport there was no ticket even though we had confirmed the flight in advance. The Cheapo Airlines counter agent told my daughter it appeared that the credit card payment had not processed I their system that she would need to pay an additional fee of 371.00 using my credit card (which she didn’t have in her possession) as they delayed her to the point that she missed the original flight and there were no flights available until later that afternoon. After more than an hour on the phone, Cheapo Air ticket agent “Frederick” promised to credit my account since the ticket was not available. My daughter called my wife in tears and she spent more than an hour trying to resolve this over the phone to an overseas Cheapo Air Operator, she paid an additional charge of $450 to get my daughter on another flight that day. I have tried multiple times to get Cheapo Air to credit my account for this disputed charge. The agent, Frederick promised it would be credited within 5 days.

Cheapo Air is very unprofessional and I will never use this company to book any travel. I have not been able to get any resolution from this company to credit my account. Thank you for handling this dispute on my behalf.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $371. Primohawaii is overall dissatisfied with Cheapoair. The most disappointing about cheapoair flight booking at Cheapoair was inconsistent charges, unhelpful phone center and poor customer service Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #941527

You are right. I wrote the letter and didn't check for mistakes.

The booking number: 24048987. The representative was on the phone with me and my daughter on the phone at the American Airlines Airport counter. The changes I did on the ticket cost $371 and she just have to go to the airport and have the reservation number to pick up the ticket. The night prior the fly I was worrying because my daughter is a minor and I called Cheapoair to see if everything was good.

When my daughter got to the American Airlines counter the ticket I booked on prior day wasn't there and to make another change on the ticket cost me another $450. What makes me mad is that on the end of the conversation with Cheapoair is that Mr. Frederick from Cheapoair put me on hold to talk to his manager and told me he was going to credit my credit card $307, after airlines fee, next 5 to 10 days. I called Cheapoair twice after 15 days but no one could give me an answer.

I don't give a s@^T for the money is just the fact they lie and hold my daughter hostage at the airport.

How could I avoid not to pay another $450? Do you think this is right?




Dear Customer, CheapOair is a travel agent, not an airline, so you would not of spoke to a representative at the airport counter. Also,.

this is a blog site where people post experiences, we are not in anyway here to help you resolve this. If you want to have assistance from you need to contact them directly and provide them with your booking number.

You didn't provide a name, or any information that would allow anyone to be able to resolve this. If you look through other postings there are email address to their customer service, you should email one of them.

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