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I booked a flight with cheapoair thinking I was getting the lowerst airfare gaurantee. When the price of the flight went down I called to see if the price I booked at would be lowered.

I was told no sorry. When asked to speak to a supervisor the person said I will e-mail him and you will get a response within 48 hours. Also, I think the call center was not in the US and I had a hard time understaning the person on the other end. Next time I will use obitz or travelocity which makes sure you always get the lowest rate.

Also, the travel insurance should come with big letters that states it only covers if you are too ill travel not if you have a change of plans. What a waste of $$$$$.

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Our website clearly displays exactly what the insurance covers. It is up to the customer to read over the coverage prior to purchasing.

We do not claim to price match after the airfare goes down. The airlines can reduce 1 or maybe 2 seats for quick sale, but they also charge you the change fee which can be up to 150.00, to get 50.00 in savings so is it really worth it?

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