I was on hold for over an hour just trying to get through to an agent to help us re-book our flights. I was literally looking at the offered fares on my screen, as the agent typed away "checking" for availability. The least expensive and most desirable flights were never available.

If I had been just purchasing them right then, I bet they would have been. So, we had to take a ridiculous two-stop flight lasting 10.5 hours and costing $200 more per ticket! Outrageous. On two separate customer service calls, same problem...agents 'couldn't understand why the flight and fares I was seeing on their own website were not available. It's called a scam.

Do not make the mistake of using this company. They wasted so much of my time and money. Delta Airlines' employee said the same thing. Oh and check out that name...buyer beware of "Cheapo Airlines".

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I had to change my departure date and was told that I would also have to change my return date, and that there were no seats available for the date that I needed. Additionally, I was told that it would cost me over 500 dollars to change both my departure and return.

Upon calling the airline directly, I was told there were seats available, and that it was not necessary to change my return ticket.

Going through the airline, I only had to pay $150.00, and I did not have to change my return ticket.

Cheapo Air even tried to tell me that if I waited, I would not get any seats at all, as a wat of trying to get me to pay their fees then.

Please do not use this company. They are crooks! If there is ever a class action filed, I will gladly participate in it.


Dear Customer, I am very sorry that your plans changed and it cost additional money. Airlines do charge an airline penalty for all changes, plus the cost of the new airfare.

We are mandated to collect the appropriate fees for all changes made.

It is possible that you did see that the fare where cheaper on the website, but with the flights displayed on the screen it is possible that by the time you made the changes the seats had soldout. Also, you don't know on our website how many seats are left at that cost, for it is all based on availability.

For Delta too respond with such comments, I really feel that is questionable.

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