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I read all the blogs and I found out that people who have commented on the blogs, no matter for which company, never published if they were at fault at any point of time. It's all about what they did to me and all the crying.

I used the same website and could not find anything bad with it. After looking at the flight I called and got hold of an agent Ramiro and he said that the flights and the fare is good and I can book it online or with him. I booked it online and I was not charged extra for it. When booking anything it is our responsibility of checking what we're doing before we purchase.

If we're ignorant about it then we have no right complaining about a company. No matter it is cheapoair, travelicity, expedia, hotwire etc.

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we wouldn't doubt for a moment you work for them.because your one comment does not match the countless people who outnumber you in complaints.

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