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Never use Cheapoair!

Normally I check out a service on the internet to see if it is legit. I didn't check cheapoair"”wish I had.

I unfortunately bought two round trip tickets from Cheapoair for Thanksgiving 2010 from Dallas to Pittsburgh for about 747.60. They sent me about four e-mails asking me to tell them the best time and phone number to contact me because there had been a rescheduling. I responded every time, but they never called me.

I started calling them. I was told there was a problem getting me from Milwaukee to Dallas on the way back. The operator gave me a lame excuse and said she would get back with me. She didn't. I called again and gave my reservation number. She said there was a booking error and was transferring me to another department. They hung up.

I called again, was on hold about 40 minutes and then got a busy signal. My guess is they have the software rigged so they can flag a problem customer calling from a certain phone number, put them on hold and eventually disconnect.

So I started calling on my cell, which had a different number. Got through. The lady hung up on me the minute I gave her my reservation number. Guess she read about a warning notice written in the database from a previous operator.

I called from a third cell and started pushing buttons until I got a person. Told them I was retired and on disability and my mother was very sick and this might be the last chance I had to see her and I had no money left for new tickets. He said he would get back to me and he didn't.

I contested this bogus scam charge from Cheapoair to my VISA and got my money back.

Never use Cheapoair!

Monetary Loss: $747.

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