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2 comments is simply the WORST company ever!!! I booked a flight and paid for it. The very next day-after I had booked the flight- I received an e-mail stating that the price had increased and that I needed to contact them.

I called and was left on hold for 35 minutes before a very rude customer representative transfered me to another person. I was on hold for 25 min. before I was told that they will return the call in between 5 to 10 minutes. I never received the call.

When I refused to pay the amount- the new price for the ticket- I was told that I could cancel my reservation for a $100 fee! Even though it was not my fault. Never book a flight with them. They're out there just to rip people off!!!

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Pissdpr has not contacted me regarding his complaint.


Dear Pisspr, I do apologize for our long hold times. Since our recent advertising campaign we have been experiencing heavy call volumes for our specials. We are aware of the inconvenience of being on hold, and are striving to increase our sales force.

I am sorry that the fare you have chosen the airline did not accept the fare. I assure you if we could not confirm the booking at the quoted airfare we would not charge you for canceling this reservation, in fact everything would be refunded pertaining to any service fees associated with this booking. If this is not the case, please email back with your booking confirmation and I will see that all your money is returned.

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