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I had over 10,000 rewards points and just disapear from my account. i need to know what happen


Baggage allowance

My wife and I will be flying from Edmonton to South Africa on 23/10/2017 (United Airlines Flight 5770 departing at 06:20 AM via Denver). I know that the weight limit per loaded suitcase is 23Kg but what I would like to know is are we allowed two of these 23kg cases per person to be loaded (not taken as hand luggage), and are we then allowed hand luggage as well? Thank you.


Flight from Costa Rica

43704011 is our booking number. We're supposed to Fly from San Jose, Costa Rica to Chicago O'Hare on September 12 via Fort Lauderdale.

JetBlue seems willing to cancel flights and refund money due to Hurricane Irma, but is not offering options to get people to their destinations. Cheap-O Air has always been very helpful in the past and we are asking for you to provide customer service to get us back to Chicago. Thanks in advance.

Please get back to us asap. Lynne LoSecco


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