I booked on CheapOair about 2 months. Flight went through fine, but I had to fill out a form authorizing my credit card with a photo ID.

This was faxed to an office in India. Ironically, about a week ago, I had 2 fraudulent charges on my credit card (same one used for CheapOair) in India. Coincidence? CheapOair is cheap because they outsource their process work to India, to include processing of credit card charges.

I don't have proof of misuse, but I have my suspicions which warrant this written complaint. I'm curious if other consumers have had similar instances and/or complaints with CheapOair.

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Hold my beer lol. I have never used CheapOair.

I have never used a 3rd party travel company to book flights, hotels or car rentals, I go directly to the sites and book from there. Further, I haven't needed to box any flight, hotel or rental car in the past couple of years...to my story. So I receive a call last week from CheapOair. I had my cordless landline in a part of the house that has spotty reception.

The man, speaking in a thick foreign accent, asked for me by name and was saying something about a problem with my bank information and that he would call back and then he hung up. I went back to a part of the house that had better reception and phoned them back. I figured it was another one of those robocall type phishing scams. I told them I hadn't even traveled in the past year or more, much less used their services.

After a little back and forth, I told them not to call anymore and ended the conversation. Well, being as though I spent the better part of 2 decades in my past career in the finance business and know better than to share any details, I got a more than a bit suspicious. So, the next day I started checking my online credit card accounts. Lo and behold, one of my cards had two pending transactions (for 0.00 dollars no less) from flipping CheapOair.

I contacted my card issuer and they of course agreed this was suspicious, but since the transactions were for zero dollars, they couldn't block/cancel them. We agreed it would be best to close the account, so I did. I use the card for purchases to earn cashback bonus and pay the balance off every two weeks when I am paid, so I check it fairly often. My best guess is that my info was skimmed recently @ some point, but since it is chip protected maybe they didn't get the necessary details to successfully use it.

That STILL doesn't account for CheapOair having my phone number, so either I am led to believe that the person who had my card details also had my home phone details, or something worse.

I am still trying to backtrack my recent transactions to find where my info could have been compromised, but that can be daunting as well. While this isn't an indictment of CheapOair, I have read enough online horror stories about this company that I would personally never use them.


Same here.

Only used this credit card once during this last year, when trying to book a flight through cheapoair. Just got billed 363$ at Abercrombie's and Fitch's shop in the US (and two failed attempts on apple.com), while I don't even live there...


I booked a flight on CheapOair on 4/29 , on 5/1 I received a call from my bank that someone in NY tried to use my card to purchase $900.00 in items at Target. coincidence ? I don't think so.


I have NEVER used cheapoair.com, in fact I'd never even heard of them. Until yesterday, when I got a call from my credit card company that cheapoair.com had just tried to charge $1200 to my card, and did I authorize that transaction. I absolutely did NOT, and I would like to know how they got my credit card number!!!


OK Many customer service departments are outsourced and I have NEVER had a bad experience with Indian customer service. Except for a lovely accent or oddly phrased explanation, by experience with outsourcing to India has been stellear.

An example is Hewlett Packard who I believe outsources to India. I have had 3 HP computers and have had wonderful customer service. As to Potential credit card fraud.

It isn't very nice to accuse a company of that when you aren't at all sure they had anything to do with it. Just for our edification I hope that Renee at CheapO or you gets back to us to confirm whether or not the charges on your card were a result of CheapO compromising your data.

to siz113 Orlando, Florida, United States #595974

In deed CheapOAir has employees that WILL use your credit card information for their own personal use! My husband and I had a voucher from a previous booking (not through cheapoair) however my husband contacted cheapoair on Friday January 18, 2013 to reinstate the voucher for a trip!

The employee that was making the booking specifically asked my husband for his credit card information. My husband gave it to him! The additional charges for the taxes and fees were taken out yesterday Saturday January 19, 2013 in New York, Mind you we only use this CC number for our traveling needs and have not used this card in two years, Friday was the ONLY time we used this card and the ONLY one we gave the number to was the employee at cheapoair, Yesterday Saturday 1/19/2013 after the 195.00 charges came out so did 6 additional charges totaling $600.00 from various ATM's in New York. So the finger definetly points back to this employee that works for CheapOAir.

We have the name of that employee and our investigator with our sherriffs department in Florida along with the Bank and their investigators are taking care of this, When I contacted the so called Managers and Supervisors at Cheap O Air and told them of the situation they were rude and nasty stating that NONE of their employees would ever do such a thing. Well I have proof and the investigators have all they need to arrest the employee along with doig a MAJOR investigation on the policies and prcedures of CheapOAir, I will be sure that charges WILL be pressed along with a lawsuit against CheapOair for not following safe practices to protect their customers! This has been a HUGE inconvienence. I will NEVER use this company for my traveling needs EVER and I WILL let EVERYONE know of this situation!

CHEAPOAIR HAS CHEAPOEmployees that WILL take your hard earned money!

So to siz113 you must be an employee of this company there for you will also be investigated for fradulant charges! I'm not the only victim there are many others and I will do everything in my powers to make sure that this company will never be allowed to steal one hard earned penny from their customers again!!


I'm freaking out about this site now because it pulled up the flight I wanted, acted like it was good to go and asked me for my payment info. then when i submitted it said that the flight was no longer available at that price and supposedly "didn't retain my card info." Now i'm worried that my card has been compromised.




Dear Sir/Madam,

You have posted a very serious concern that our company does not take lightly. It is extremely important that you contact me directly or our escalation department so that we can do our own investigation into what you have described. We will assist you in anyway to get this matter resolved. I want to assure you and everyone, that our website is secure, and we take all necessary security measures to ensure that your personal information is safe and confidential.

Here are the numbers that I can be reached at:






Renee Andrews


Customer Support

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