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CheapoAir is not answering their phones, and after sitting on live chat with them on hold, they disconnect you. They refuse to refund my airfare (and everyone elses from what I can see) from NJ to Rome in late June that we booked last August.

My flights are on United and SwissAir, which are being professional about refunding money spent on airline tickets or giving flight credits.

But the airlines (who pick up their phones) said the refund has to come from CheapoAir. The entire company is a scam and I will never use them again.

User's recommendation: Stay far away from ever using CheapoAir EVER.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

CheapOair - Not refunding airfares
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CheapoAir came through for me after almost five months !! I spoke to their VP of Customer Service, Rubin, on his personal cell phone and he calmly took care of it.

Not sure if my complaint to BBB or DOT did the trick, but I got a artist refund and 6 round trip domestic airline tickets on United, which is what we fly exclusively. Be patient and be tenacious and they will get to your claim eventually.


This is not subjective. It is all facts.

There are thousands upon thousands of people with similar situations posting similar stories.

Some have even been stranded in foreign countries. Never again.


They are scamming people by holding their money


So very true


I am in almost precisely the same situation. I suspected my case was not unique.

I had two flights booked for July, and after numerous runarounds on the phone between Cheapoair and the airlines, they acknowledged I was due a refund. Then said I had to wait two billing cycles. Now that has passed and I am trying to chase them down again. The last two days spent hours on hold, dropped calls, and even on Chat exactly as this reviewer described.

Chat person came up immediately but once I said this was about a refund, they bounced me to another "dedicated team." I was at number 57 now 35 and I expect it to get dropped. I am due $1544. I will look for the Facebook groups.

If you can provide the supervisor numbers you talked about, please provide! This is despicable!


I spoke with Sol, Zam and Irvin. Irvin seemed to disappear due to getting sick and not returning to his remote office. All calls from CheapoAir came at odd hours and always someone with a heavy accent.


I wouldn't deal with a place named like that just out of general principle.


It is a little *** no ?


Lawsuit, sawsuit !!!! I am in ..

Lets sue them...

SCAM .. ripped me off with 1, 200 !!!!


And it will only cost you $1800 in legal fees to recover a portion of the $1200.


I am going through the same thing. I am beyond pissed so I am contacting my lawyer today so I can make a lawsuit against them..I was wondering if you would like to get on board with me on this lawsuit

@Teo. Dender

Think about it, if they are suppose to refund the money don't you think they would to avoid any kind of lawsuits!!! they have lawyers they know that they are doing, and don't forget the airline isn't helping either, they are the ones that determine if these travel agencies give your money back.

Look at the reviews for expedia orbitz same thing not giving money back, because the airline controls them. Wake up people spending money on lawyers for what you won't see any money....all around stupid


Yup! The entire concept of "pissed" is emotion and not rational.

@Teo. Dender

Please email me at patriciafemia@***e to join in with your lawsuit


Teos pissed probably because they didn't get a refund and didn't bother to read the rules of the airline, and they are too afraid to file a law suit against the controlling factor the airline, so go to the middle man shake them down. Don't get their way sue, like others said, don't you think they would give you the refund if they could!! get a life and take the credit maybe you need to get a way this sounds like it's consuming you

@Teo. Dender

Provide a full email address so that we can join your class

@Teo. Dender

im in lawsuit againts CHEAPOAIR I lost $2608. i try to rebook becaue they dont refund.

but they said your credit will expired on DEcember 15,2020.

But no flight to the same destination that i was booked. Nittaya Lyman


WARNING TO ALL : NEVER USE CheapOair at all. Pass this info to all your friends.


Airline are not offering free cancellations and refunds for June ban is only until mid april and yes the airline will tell you to go back to cheapoair because they are lazy and pissed that you didnt buy the ticket from them so they won't help you, but that doesn't mean you get a refund. Read the rules on those airline websites so next time you know what to do.


Whatever. Giving up solves nothing

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