I have booked a ticket with CheapOair for my wife for $1139. They send me an e-mail next day saying:

"Due to circumstances beyond our control there may have been a temporary authorization issued on your credit card. This may appear as a duplicate charge but will be released back to your account within 7 to 14 business days depending on your banking or credit card institution."

The booking they e-mail me states:

"I, XXXXXX, have read the Terms and Conditions and I understand that this fare is non-refundable. I agree to pay a total amount of $2,357.20 (Credit Card Number:***XXXX ) for this purchase. I understand this is to serve as my legal signature."

I definitely did not agree to that. I called them and complain, but supposedly there is nothing they can do, other then cancel the ticket. Unfortunately it is not refundable...

I google them since and learned they do it all the time. My CC company is not very helpful either. What a scam. Stay away.

Monetary Loss: $1218.

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keyword there is temporary. i know its quite alarming and can be a pain but rest easy that the hold on the card would fall of.

you could ask them to phone your bank to expedite the release. most banks would do this with authorization from the merchant who made the charge.

to airtravel #640398

I am with CheapOair customer support and will be glad to review the charges. Email your 8 digit booking number to sm@cheapoair.com and place blog in the subject line.

This appears to be a debit card, and many banks do a "pre-authorization" on your card, and when the tickets are issued, that's when the charge is completed. This pre-authorization will fall off within a few business days.

But we will be glad to review the charges for you. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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