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I purchased travel insurance from Cheapoair and the insurance provider is Travelex. Both of these companies are operating a scam!

The insurance does not cover delays - if you missed your connecting flight, etc and have to stay overnight, Travelex DOES NOT cover any hotel expenses, etc. We missed our flight from San Juan because Vieques Air Lines delayed our flight in Vieques due to storm in San Juan. Travelex asked me if I had purchased new airline tickets, but when I explained to Travelex that no I did not and informed them that we had to stay overnight so we need our hotel, food, and ground transportation expenses covered. TRAVELEX SAID THEY DO NOT COVER THESE EXPENSES!

This is a warning to all consumers! Travelex even implied that this insurance is being sold by Cheapoair and Travelex does not have anything to do with Cheapoair!

Now, what Travelex is saying is that they are allowing Cheapoair to collect money from consumers for travel insurance that they provide, but the insurance coverage that does not work, and this is fine with them as long as they collect their money from Cheapoair! Sounds legal and a SCAM!

Monetary Loss: $380.

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Sacramento, California, United States #1329711

I bought insurance and indeed got sick. I am finding out they charge one $50 for cancelation of flight$14.95 for flight insurance and $2.99 for Flight Watcher which they refunded due to my illness.

When calling CheapOair today, I found out I get credit for the money not used. I am wondering if this credit is offered to anyone who bought the insurance.

~ Carol


Check with your credit card program before buying cheapoair travel insurance. While talking to a card representative regarding my miles program, I discovered travel insurance was a benefit included by the card for any tickets purchased on the card.

Since travel insurance purchased through cheapoair for flights in eight months was not needed, I called to cancel the unneeded insurance only to be told that the cancellation policy was only good for 10 days, and since it was now 13 days since the purchase, nothing could be done about it.

Irvine, California, United States #925545

Very bad experience with call center of cheapoair .

I called cheapoair to ensure about a flight, they guy was really unprofessional in response

and showed no interest in responding to my query and later, hung up the phone.

It was such a bad experience wasting time calling them.

I wonder if this happening before the tickets are purchased , what kind of service they would have given if I had purchased ticket from them.

Please do your research before purchasing tickets from such sites.

New York, New York, United States #840524

I purchased travel insurance from Cheapoair and the insurance provider is of these companies are operating a scam! I can not cancel it by 25 days before my fly.

Basically, there are no coverage of any. I called Cheapoair to cancel but can't.


I have had a flight cancelled with cheapoair and i have not been able to contact them, no one answers the phone nor responds to the online chat requests. I have Travel Insurance with Cheapoair - Travelex, please advise how I can make a claim.

Cheapoair have not responded or provided me with any alternative to travel on the same day, which we must. Can someone please help me??


I am having problems contacting Cheapoair, one month ago they advised my flight was cancelled, I have phoned and phoned them - no answer, the online chat is a scam and times out eventually with no one responding - lost around NZ$550


It was helpful but a little too late. I lost all the money I spent to purchase tickets through CheapOair and the Travelex insurance.

My brother died before I could make the trip and they informed me that was a pre-existing condition. NEVER would I recommend CheapOair or the insurance company Travelex. If something does go wrong, they just gang up on you and one blames the other and you are the loser.

Get the word out and do let others be robbed of their money by these el' cheapo crooks. :(



I have personally contacted our claims administrator on your behalf and it appears your Trip Delay claim has been approved for both yourself and Leonard Walker. You can expect a reimbursement check to arrive at the address provided at the time of plan enrollment within the next 5 – 7 business days.

We hope you will consider purchasing Travelex Travel Insurance in the future as you can now see first-hand the benefits of our protection. Our travel insurance plans provide extensive coverage, protecting your trip investment against Trip Cancellation as well as providing coverage for unexpected costs incurred while you are traveling, such as the expenses you experienced on your trip. I’m very happy we were able to assist you. Have a great day!

Meghan Francis

Travelex Insurance Services




Hello Gallardowalker,

We appreciate you taking the time to comment regarding our services with CheapOAir. We would like to take the time to help explain how our coverages apply, to ensure that you fully understand our how the insurance plan works.

As of February 1, 2012 Travelex Insurance Services has partnered with CheapOAir to help administer a custom program designed for CheapOAir’s consumers. In order to further examine your concerns please feel free to provide me with your information so I can contact the appropriate administrator on your behalf.

Again, we truly appreciate your comments. Customer Service is among Travelex Insurance Service’s highest priorities. Our dedicated staff acts as a support team to our clients and any opportunity to better this experience is one we truly value.

If you are wanting to file a claim or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-888-215-8334, M – F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST.

Meghan Francis

Travelex Insurance Services



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