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Reference Booking Number# 45198238 I cancelled my flights due to the program being put off. Cheapoair informed me that they will charge me USD 500.00 as fee of cancellation.

Although I had taken insurance for cancellation, I agreed. The below calculations are showing they robbed me USD 486.00 on top of USD 500.00 ou Have not charged me 500.00 You have charged me 986.00 as per below calculations. This is daylight robbery. I am planning to go again next month, but if I will not be refunded 986-500=486 then I will never ever buy from you and also report you to the authorities concerned.

Refund my money as soon as possible thank you. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I agreed deduction of 500.00 although I had bought an insurance for it. Still I do not have problem with that.

But, the below calculations do not make sense to me. Please check. Paid CheapoAir on 9/26/2017 ...........Amount.......1038.9 1038.9 Total 2077.8 CheapoAir deducted further on 10/5/2017 500.0 Total Paid to CheapoAir till date 2577.8 Received from AirCanada on 10/12/2017 795.9 795.9 Total money received 1591.8 TOTAL PAID 2577.8 TOTAL RECEIVED 1591.8 Deduction 986 Can you please explain the above calculation? Is there anyone please who can help?

They are not refunding my money. Please someone?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cheapoair Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Insurance doesn't cover cancellations because your "thing" got cancelled it's for trip delay,. medical emergencies, and bags lost.

You should have read the coverage. You probably have purchased tickets that have a cancel fee to get a refund, most international tickets do....

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