It would take me paragraphs to explain my horrible experience with Cheapoair, but take it from me - always go direct to the airline sight. In a nutshell: First of all, their fares aren't cheap.

They will change your flight to the degree where you do not recognize the itinerary. From that point on, you are screwed with getting the itinerary you originally booked back, or anything that resembles what you want. Have fun working with the representatives, who initially blow you off when you first call (after waiting forever) for help. Representatives - hard to understand their English If they can't get you the flight you want (after they changed your original itinerary), good luck with getting your money back, cause you won't.

They will direct you back to the carrier. All I could get refunded was the extra I paid for premium economy, and that I had to fight tooth and nail for.

If Cheapo air responds to this comment with their lame "so sorry we couldn't help you - blah, blah" so they can sound professional and caring - don't buy it. This ended up being $800+ I will never see again Hard lesson learned!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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First of all the travel agency Cheapoair does not change your flights after they are booked and paid for. It's called airline schedule change, where the airline you choose to fly with has made changes in their schedule, whether they moved the time, or canceled that route altogether, so you are at their mercy.

I've worked for an airline for 35 years so I know!

it's not the fault of them or any other travel site you use. If you don't like the flights let them know and if the airline doesn't have anything to accommodate you, take the refund.

People book travel and don't understand it, seems that it's those people who need educated in the process....I read through these complaints, and when does the customer take responsibility...oh they wanted to charge me $$ to correct my name, well if you would of booked it correctly the first time you wouldn't be in this predicament ....sounds like alot of people who have no idea and place the blame some where else,.,


what do you expect from a company with CHEAPO in their name

sheez you get what you pay for people.


Cheapoair are pure ***. Im going to lose over $1000 because they 'cant' change my name.

They claim that the boxes are greyed out. When I told the rep there has to be someone thst can do something, she said no. Also tried to offer me a limited time refund.

Pure ponzi scheme. Stay away from these fools.

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