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So i book my girlfriend on a simple flight from Dayton Ohio to Seattle. She has never flown so she is already terrified of flying.

This A-hole company tells me its only one connecting flight. She ended up getting on three different flights!! My Itinerary reads only one connection? What the *** is wrong with this company!

Anyhoo, She ended up arriving thirteen hours later. Cheapo air YOU CAN SUCK IT!!!! Then to top it all off, minutes after I just scheduled my flight, these A-holes tell me I can't get a refund on my ticket.

I had to pay an additional three-hundred dollars just to limit her to two connecting flights! Never again will i use their services!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cheapoair Flight Booking.

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I feel for you. I really do.

Why does anyone use a company called Cheapoair? Seriously? I would never use anything but a regulated Airline. You have lost so much money and will probably never see it again.

Besides the fact that you can find deals all the time on 'regular' airlines, your itinerary is just what you purchased. I always fly Southwestair or Jet Blue. I will use USAIR for short trips to NYC. That is it.

I am sorry for what happened to your girlfriend. You may have suffered monetarily but she is the one who truly suffered.

I recently booked two to Munich Germany through COA on Iberia Air.I called re:Iberia airline pilot strike,I found out after booking Iberia who had the lowest fare at the time,and what would happen with my flight.Joshua told me to call Iberia and ask them. I did,Iberia told me that Cheapoair was responsible to contact me if flight was cancelled.

Why didn't he help me?

Because he didn't know policy and it's not lowest fare. I have recently seen better.Never again :sigh :(

Wuanton, in order to assist you with your complaint, please contact me at Provide the booking number, place BLOG in the subject line, and I will certainly see what can be done regarding the added expense. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and do want to make this right.



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