I booked two flight tickets from Cheapoair, later I found I can use mileage to buy the tickets from the same airline, so I called to cancel my reservation in three days, I only got partial airfare I paid back, plus $300 cancelling fee, total more than $500 loss.

I booked two flight tickets from Cheapoair, later I found I can use mileage to buy the tickets from the same airline, so I called to cancel my reservation in three days, I only got partial airfare I paid back, plus $300 cancelling fee, total more than $500 loss.

When I booked tickets, there was "free cancellation" on the page, it is not real "free cancellation".

Review about: Cheapoair Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $525.

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Cheapoair all sales rep are from India or somewhere in Asia who are very rude and cheater. I do not know how this cheapaoir is existing .

Fraud company. They charge $75.00 for cancellation fee. they never disclose that there is fee involved when you checking out. Once you booked and call for the cancellation they charge you $75.00.

I was also given $50.00 gift card instead of cancellation fees. When I called them that this code is working they said actually this is up to $50.00, We can give $25.00 off only. There are thousands of more negative things about this company.

Please either use Expedia or any other. Please stay away from these cheaters and fraud people.


I just booked with Cheapoair and my Credit Card flagged the charge. The charge was done in a number of installments and extra fees that I did not recognize so I called back immediately and cancelled the flight.

The operator "carter" informed me that there was a $50.00 fee PER PERSON to do this.

Is this legal?

to Jo #1425444

Same with me!!!!! It asked for 75dollars per person for international flights and I booked three tickets from them!!!! I paid the fee but I am so mad at this!


i recently booked flight to Saskatoon to chennai with the amount of $1647, but due to my PGWP rejected the next day i had to cancel my trip. i had to pay $250 for cancellation fee extra and received certain amount.

I lost $555.

As a student this a tough situation now i have very limited fund +can't work till i receive my permit which might take another 2 months. is there any suggestions on reducing the cancellation or refunding fee?

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #1269424

I booked a flight to China through your website. Decided the dates I had originally never fitted in my plans.

I asked your administration how much it would cost to alter the return. £500 was the answer on a ticket that initially cost me £400. Therefore I had no other choice to cancel the flight and, book another flight at another £400. I asked for a refund of the first ticket and, got back just £1.00 with out reason or, breakdown as too what happened to the rest of my hard earned money.

Ticket i/d 5249939. Maybe you could help with this one or, explain where my money went.

Don't forget CheapOair had almost 3 months to sell on that ticket. It was a last minute cancellation.

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom #1269414

I booked a ticket through this CheapOair , only to change the return date a few weeks later. I paid £400 for the ticket and, they wanted over £500 so I could the return date.

Therefore I cancelled and, guess what? A refund of £1.00. What a rip off!

No reason as to why the refund was so little, or any explanation. Last time I have any dealings with them.

New York, New York, United States #1209357

I am already in a areally poor condition financially. I am visitng India to take care of my father who is ill becuase of a brain storke and now, when I want to cancel one of my tickets, CheapOAir want's to charge a hefty fees $150. Could you please help me here and reduce the fee.


cancel a reservation here is more difficult to see the president of US.the costumer service in English is bad.they send you from representative to representative ( in my case 4 time more than 30 minutes between representative).They have to solve this problem.or they will lose customers.Good luck. God Bless.


Received $150 refund back. Appreciate that.

Part of the change was taken away by airline, not CheapOair.


A refund of $150.00 was processed back to the customer.


New York, New York, United States #717529

Our customers concerns are important to us, therefore we have refunded $150.00 back to the traveler.


Customer Support


Dear Customer, free cancellation if you click on the link says within 24 hours not 3 days later. Once you miss the 24 hr grace period all rules and penalties are applicable. I would be glad to review the charges and see if anything can be done. Email the booking number to.


place blog in the subject line

to cheapoair Brunswick, Maine, United States #1314869

You advertise free 24 hour cancellation, but charge a $50.00 cancellation fee.

So it is not free 24 hour cancellation. It is false advertising

to cheapoair #1361538

Maybe cheapoair picks up some customers to give that favor. I booked my flight on Wednesday August 16, 2017 at around 9:50 pm, then the next day( August 17th) at 6pm I tried to cancel my flight using the link you're talking about.

When i clicked on the link , it told me that i had to call a representative to assist me for the cancellation. When i called the representative around 6:20 pm he told me that i had to pay a fee of $150 before they can cancel my flight. I told him i shouldn't pay any fee because it's within 24h of my booking but he said i still have to pay the fee.

I went ahead and pay the fee and till today i haven't received any money for my ticket. I paid $3095 for the tickets.It's good to look for money but it's not good to ruin and destroy someone's life like you are doing to me right now.

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